adidas ‘GOAT’

How can you grab the public’s attention during the busiest of times?


The FIFA World Cup is the biggest moment in football. But the competition isn’t just on the pitch, global brands are competing to cut through the noise. So how do you grab attention and launch a new football boot at one of the most competitive moments for brands?

Our solution: Get adidas to back their player Lionel Messi in the biggest debate football has ever known – who is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)? To back the case for Messi, we created provocative portraits of Messi and an actual goat.

The photos fuelled fierce debate on adidas’ social channels, supported by an exclusive cover on Paper Magazine, earning worldwide media coverage. Ronaldo then even challenged the statement after his first goal in the World Cup. The adidas GOAT campaign with Messi started a global conversation with the brand at the heart.


The greatest...

“Lionel Messi posing with another GOAT is the greatest photoshoot we’ve ever seen” — Sport Bible


“Messi is still Argentina’s goa-to guy” — Metro

adidas owned it...

France may have raised the World Cup but adidas owned it