Dubai Font ‘#ExpressYou’

How do you get people excited about a typeface?


The Dubai Font was commissioned by the city of Dubai in partnership with Microsoft and Monotype. A font family of four weights, it’s designed to create harmony between Latin and Arabic and is available free to all Microsoft users.

It was originally created to help people express themselves through writing, but we wanted to extend its appeal as a tool for expression across the broader cultural sector.


Telling stories of self-expression


Introducing #ExpressYou, a call to action for creatives and artists across the world to be inspired and to express themselves; to share who they are and what they think of the world. A campaign that engages creatives to see Dubai Font as a digital tool that not only complements the creative process, but a brand that elevates creativity in a brave new world.

To create relevance for the font amongst the creative industry, we worked with seven key opinion leaders in the cultural sector – from artists and fashion designers, to photographers and athletes – to tell a city-wide story of expression. We challenged our influencers to show us how they express themselves through their chosen art form, and how the Dubai Font forms a key part of their creative process. The hero piece of content is a long-form film, the trailer for which is already live. The full film will be published later this year and split into seven chapters for use across social platforms.