E.ON ‘Shot of summer’

How do you get people smiling about a utility company?


Energy tariffs are not top of anyone’s list of favorite things to talk about, much as utility companies aren’t on anyone’s list of favorite people to talk to. So when E.ON wanted to spread news of their new tariffs and generate some good feeling about their brand, it needed something exceptional.


To get people feeling warm and fuzzy about E.ON, we looked to brighten up the darkest, coldest time of the year in a way that would surprise and bring a smile.

A shot of summer

Our idea was to give people a burst of sunshine fun when they needed it most – during a particularly bleak week in London in November. We created a cheery, heated, summer-in-winter bubble where visitors could kick-back on deck chairs, munch on party foods or play games. The sunny atmosphere of the space provided the perfect setting for E.ON to have friendly and relaxed conversations with customers (and non-customers) about everything from tariffs to renewables.

Concept visual

Construction timelapse film

The warming, welcoming space was jam-packed with signs of summer fun to entice people in and kick-start conversations