Honest ‘Don’t Believe Us’

How can you earn trust from a sceptical public?


Coca Cola asked us to launch Honest Tea’s first through-the-line campaign in Western Europe, driving their sustainability credentials and building brand recognition for a beverage company not well known outside of the US. But when only half of consumers believe that companies will actually do what they say, how do you close the credibility gap?


Introducing Honest Tea to Western Europe with their first ever through-the-line campaign


Through the Don’t Believe Us campaign, we told the public about the steps Honest is taking to be more environmentally friendly, source ingredients responsibly and not use any more sugar than needed to get just the right flavour. But any brand can simply claim these laudable goals, so we wanted to be held accountable to them. So we established independent partnerships with Fairtrade and Sugarwise to validate our actions in their respective areas of expertise, providing proof that Honest is worthy of the name. We then brought to life Honest’s promises via joyful, charming, hand-crafted creative, which paid homage to the brand’s authentic and heartfelt connection to the environments and people they work with.

We created an extensive campaign toolkit which included print, out-of-home, press, hand-drawn animations, social assets, tone-of-voice guidelines, shopper key visuals, Coca Cola’s first ever sourcing press trip, and a 72-page toolkit which we delivered to 13 countries.


Hero campaign video

Animated six-sheet billboard

Animated GIFs for social content

Social video content demonstrating Honest’s commitment to using less sugar in their products


Building off the momentum from the campaign, Honest asked us to create a suite of visuals to be used at point of sale in stores across Europe. Here, we highlighted the delicious taste of Honest with real ingredients alongside hand-drawn illustrations to capture the charm and warmth that comes with a simple, satisfying beverage.


Bespoke shopper key visuals


We hosted a trip to Murcia, Spain to give press a chance to immerse themselves in one of Honest’s organic lemon farms. They were able to take a walking tour orchards, attend a fruit picking masterclass, and learn first-hand how Honest drinks are made through honest and healthy relationships with farms, consumers, and our ecosystem.