Honor ‘For the brave’

How do you launch a local brand around the globe?


These days, there’s a new phone launched every five minutes. So standing out from the crowd can be hard – harder still when you’re a youth brand, prized in China but unheard of in Europe, trying to make a big global impact. Take the stage Honor.


Our goal: to make the new Honor 8 the phone to help young creatives explore and express themselves. To do this, we wanted to create the biggest, most disruptive phone launch the world had ever seen.

Championing bold self-expression

We conceived a boisterous creative campaign that ran riot across a range of channels throughout the summer of 2016. It championed self-expression and pivoted around three eye-popping launch events in Shanghai, San Francisco and Paris. Leading the charge were our two global ambassadors – aspiring photographer Brooklyn Beckham and Chinese pop sensation Kris Wu – who epitomised unshackled, youthful creative spirit.

Campaign overview film

‘For the brave’ – bold art direction, and striking illustration

We launched across major sites and creative neighbourhoods around the world

Brooklyn Beckham film reflecting Honor’s aim of unlocking creativity


sold within the first four hours

1.5 million

sold in the first 50 days


views of the clip posted on Brooklyn Beckham’s Instagram account, within 24 hours

Vibrant, sharable content took the campaign out to where our audience lived