SEGB ‘Britain needs you’

How can you get people engaged with a low-interest issue?


Smart Energy GB exists to ensure every UK household understands the benefits of choosing a Smart Meter. It’s an important message, yet one that the public aren‘t always that interested in. This needed to change!


Let’s hit the campaign trail!

So we decided to campaign to create a movement — a movement towards a cleaner, greener, smarter Britain. Borrowing from political campaigns we created ‘A Smarter Britain needs you!’, a ten-stop roadshow covering the UK and featuring TV personalities Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp as our main campaign ambassadors along with comedienne Susan Calman.

We created playful campaign manifesto films outlining our key messages. We commissioned the UK’s only hybrid coach as our battle bus, wrapping it in our bold campaign livery. We then hit the road, securing pop-up space at ten major UK shopping centres.

At each venue we built bespoke multimedia staging that played our manifesto content as well as campaign messaging. Phil, Kirstie and Susan did a live PA in each city – explaining to the general public why choosing a smart meter makes sense.

A host of promotional ambassadors were on hand to give out campaign merchandise and encourage people to make a pledge and be featured on our live interactive pledge wall. This provided sharable photo assets to amplify our activity on social. People visiting the show were also encouraged to take our interactive energy quiz, devised by us to showcase just how much energy a smart meter could save in real world examples.

Our manifesto, featuring Phil and Kirstie

Our battle bus hits the road


SEGB influenced 50% of smart meter discussions during the campaign, compared to the average of 10% share of voice

8 weeks

The campaign ran for eight weeks was a huge success in driving national and regional press and broadcast coverage

2 years

While the bus is back in the garage the campaign continues as we will support the national roll out with seasonal campaigns over the coming two years