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A collective of creative + design hubs around the H+K network bringing to life the communication campaigns we develop for our clients.

Our work

About H+K

Hill+Knowlton Strategies is an international public relations company. We believe that every corporate, every brand, every client has a public and today’s public is more powerful than ever before. They have the power to topple CEO’s, reshape corporate and brand strategy, kill products and create unicorns. Today’s public demands truth, transparency and the highest behavioral standards. Our belief is that those brands with a clear, authentic purpose, and performance strategies aligned to business objectives are most likely to succeed. We call this approach to working with clients to achieve business impact; 3P Communications™. Purpose + Performance = Preference. Find out more about H+K

About The Studio

Our Studios are at the heart of H+K’s joined-up approach. You’ll find content and publishing strategists working alongside film directors, and data analysts working with designers – all focused on the same client-centric goals. Whether it’s creating a new identity or a full-length documentary, an exhibition stand or the latest interactive experience, the Studio is all about smart ideas. Ideas that create long term value founded on data and insight that reflect our obsession – always doing what is right for our clients.

Our locations

You’ll find our Studios within all H+K regions in our network enabling us to service clients around the globe.

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